Devesh R. Raval

Curriculum vitae (Work)

Bureau of Economics

Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20580



Production Technology


Micro Data and Macro Technology with Ezra Oberfield
Econometrica (March 2021), 89 (2), 703-732
Online Appendix Replication Package
Press Mentions: Boston Review

The Micro Elasticity of Substitution and Non Neutral Technology
RAND Journal of Economics (Spring 2019), 50 (1), 147-167
Online Appendix

Testing the Production Approach to Markup Estimation
Review of Economic Studies (2023), 90(5) 2592-2611
Online Appendix Replication Package

A Flexible Cost Share Approach to Markup Estimation
Economics Letters (September 2023), 230, 111262}
Online Appendix

What's Wrong with Capital in the 21st Century's Model?
In After Piketty: The Inequality Agenda post-Capital in the 21st Century (Harvard University Press, 2017)
Press Mentions: The Economist, Chronicle of Higher Education, Business Standard,, Nature, New Scientist, Bloomberg, Irish Times, The Hindu, Business Day, Financial Express, Suddeusche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Diario de Noticias, Portafolio


Digital Platforms


Steering in One Click: Platform Self-Preferencing in the Amazon Buy Box
Online Appendix
Version: July 2023

Do Gatekeepers Develop Worse Products? Evidence from Online Review Platforms
Version: March 2023

Analyzing Advertising Labels: Testing Consumers' Recognition of Paid Content Online with Jeff Johnson, Jim Jansen, and Manoj Hastak
Proceedings of ACM CHI'18, Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

US Patent 8,732,528 B1: Measuring Test Effects Using Adjusted Outlier Data with Zhuo Zhang, Harry J. Paarsch, Patrick L. Bajari, Sameer R. Rajyaguru, and Ivan E. Gonzalez


Health Care


How Do Machine Learning Algorithms Perform in Changing Environments? Evidence from Disaster Induced Hospital Closures with Ted Rosenbaum and Nathan E. Wilson
Journal of Health Economics (2021), 78, 102481

Using Disaster Induced Closures to Evaluate Discrete Choice Models of Hospital Demand with Ted Rosenbaum and Nathan E. Wilson
RAND Journal of Economics (Autumn 2022), 53 (3), 561-589
Online Appendix

Why is Distance Important for Hospital Choice? Separating Home Bias from Transport Costs with Ted Rosenbaum
Journal of Industrial Economics (2021), 69 (2), 338-368

Do Previous Choices Matter for Hospital Demand? Decomposing Switching Costs from Unobserved Preferences with Ted Rosenbaum
Review of Economics and Statistics (2018), 100 (5), 906-915

Semiparametric Discrete Choice Model: An Application to Hospital Mergers with Ted Rosenbaum and Steve Tenn
Economic Inquiry (2017), 55 (4), 1919-1944
Chris Lau and Matt Panhans wrote code to implement this estimator in the healthcare.antitrust package on CRAN in R and the divratio package in Stata.

Payer Steering and Patient Welfare: Evidence from Medicaid with Ted Rosenbaum
Version: October 2017


Consumer Protection


Hassle Costs and Consumers' Voice: Evidence from a Website Redesign with Michel Grosz
Version: April 2023

Fraud Across Borders with Michel Grosz
Version: August 2022

Whose Voice Do We Hear in the Marketplace?: Evidence from Consumer Complaining Behavior
Marketing Science (2020), 39 (1), 168-187
Online Appendix

Which Communities Complain to Policymakers? Evidence from Consumer Sentinel
Economic Inquiry (2020), 58 (4), 1628-1642

Who is Victimized by Fraud? Evidence from Consumer Protection Cases
Journal of Consumer Policy (2021), 44, 43-72
Online Appendix

Economics at the FTC: Fertilizer, Consumer Complaints, and Private Label Cereal with Andrew Sweeting, David J. Balan, Nicholas Kriesle, and Matthew Panhans
Review of Industrial Organization (2020) 57, 751–78

Economics at the FTC: Fraud, Mergers and Exclusion with David J. Balan, Patrick DeGraba, Francine Lafontaine, Patrick McAlvanah and David Schmidt
Review of Industrial Organization (2015), 47 (4), 371-398


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