Research Papers

How Strong is Gravity? Using Hospital Choice to Separate Home Bias from Distance Costs
(with Ted Rosenbaum)
Version: August 2016

What Determines Consumer Complaint Behavior?
Version: July 2016

How Does Steering Affect Patient Choice? Evidence from Florida Medicaid
(with Ted Rosenbaum)
Version: June 2016

Industrial Reorganization: Learning about Patient Substitution Patterns from Natural Experiments
(with Ted Rosenbaum and Nathan Wilson)
Online Appendix
Version: July 2016

A Semiparametric Discrete Choice Model: An Application to Hospital Mergers
(with Ted Rosenbaum and Steve Tenn)
Revise and Resubmit, Economic Inquiry
Version: October 2015

Micro Data and Macro Technology (with Ezra Oberfield)
Revise and Resubmit, Econometrica
Online Appendix
Version: August 2014

The Micro Elasticity of Substitution and Non Neutral Technology
Revise and Resubmit, RAND Journal of Economics
Online Appendix
Version: March 2015


Papers in Progress

Predictions Without Models? Using Natural Experiments to Test the Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms
(with Ted Rosenbaum and Nathan Wilson)


Policy Papers

What's Wrong with Capital in the 21st Century's Model?
In After Piketty: The Inequality Agenda post-Capital in the 21st Century (Harvard University Press, forthcoming)

Economics at the FTC: Fraud, Mergers and Exclusion (with David J. Balan, Patrick DeGraba, Francine Lafontaine, Patrick McAlvanah, and David Schmidt)
Review of Industrial Organization (2015), 47 (4), 371-398

Measuring Test Effects Using Adjusted Outlier Data (with Zhuo Zhang, Harry J. Paarsch, Patrick L. Bajari, Sameer R. Rajyaguru, and Ivan E. Gonzalez)
US Patent 8,732,528 B1, Issued May 2014